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As many people will be aware, an issue has arisen in relation to access to Walk A3, Broomlee. The owner of the land across which a section of the route runs has erected fencing to enclose an area for grazing. This has led to considerable concern among members of the community who regularly use this route. NTP has been is discussion with the landowner to seek to reach a reasonable compromise position that will allow access to continue without creating excessive cost or risk for the landowner. At the time of writing, the installation of stiles has been proposed. While this is clearly not the best of all possible solutions and will prevent access for some people, under the circumstances, NTP believes that this is an acceptable way forward and will be liaising with the landowners while this work is completed.

We would also like to express our concern about statements made on the West Linton Facebook page to the effect that NTP had asserted that there is no path in this area and that the criteria for adoption as a right of way would not be met. This is entirely untrue and NTP have never made such a statement. As stated on the Scotways website:

“To be a right of way, a route must meet all the following conditions:
· It must join two public places (e.g. public roads or other rights of way); and
· It must follow a more or less defined route; and
· It must have been used, openly and peaceably, by the general public, as a matter of right, i.e. not just with the permission of the landowner; and
· It must have been used without substantial interruption for at least 20 years.”

NTP understands from discussions with SBC that evidence of use would be confirmed if that use is attested to by six people or more.

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    • Greg – the walks you refer to pass along a route that is some distance from the camp buildings, with woodland in between, and so outwith the ‘curtilege’ as defined in the Land Reform legislation. At one point, the route passes close to a field that is, on occasion, used for archery, but this is only a very short section and is shielded by trees. Any children using the field would be accompanied by adults.

      The camp management has expressed concern to NTP and West Linton Community Council in relation to walkers deviating from the route and walking among the camp buildings, and we fully sympathise with that concern, as it would indeed create protection issues when the camp is in use. We are in discussion to determine how to prevent that occurrence. However, we are of the view that if walkers keep to the marked route, which as been in use for many years, no such issues would arise.

      • I was stopped a couple months ago and told I couldn’t walk even on the path then saw a recent post saying broomlee didnt allow walking due to child protection concerns. Just making sure they are okay with it so I’m not put in that position again

        • Yes, this did occur on a couple of occasions to walkers at the time that the camp were experiencing particular issues, but we consider that you’d be exercising your access rights appropriately by walking on the riverbank.

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