A3 – Broomlee Walk

The wooden board walk over the culvert near the water pipe bridge which had been damaged previously has now been removed altogether.  It is not known whether there are plans to replace it, but walking the way now involve a sort hop over the culvert, which most should have no difficulty with but which would be challenging for the less nimble.

B1 Baddinsgill – path by the river widened

We’re pleased to report that the landowner at Baddinsgill has very kindly moved the fence adjacent to the river near to the footbridge back a metre, creating a wider and safer path.  Walkers using this route will have noted that the path has been getting increasingly narrow at that point due to riverbank erosion, and despite the efforts of Friends of the Pentlands who had done much work there, it was beginning to look like the path would eventually become impassible, maybe as soon as this winter.  However, the movement of the fence has now ensured that the path will stay open for a few years yet!



This week, we’ve done some work on the path that leads north from Little Sparta near Dunsyre over to Boston Cottage on the A70. The burn that feeds the lochan in the Little Sparta Garden had become choked up and was flooding the track making it pretty impassable. It’s a bit outside our area, but worth doing as we know a lot of local folk visit Little Sparta or use the paths around Dunsyre.


A stroll round these magical gardens followed by a more energetic walk on the path would make a terrific day/half day out.


JOHN’S PATH – we’ve been out strimming John’s Path this weekend. It is now clear from Blyth Bridge almost along to the Scotstoun Bridge. However, it won’t stay that way for too long unless it gets used, so if anyone fancies a lovely riverside walk, please do get out and use the route, which will help keep the vegetation down. You can access it from Blyth Bridge by walking out of the village south alongside the A701, crossing Tarth Water using the new path and footbridge parallel to the road, and crossing over to the gate that marks the start of the walk.


Quite a bit of work has been done on route B1 in recent weeks:

  • the very large puddles on the section of Roman Road between the top of the Loan and the Stoneypath track have been cleared by digging some new drains – the NTP team were out last week doing this.
  • new fencing has been added along the section of track north of Stoneypath – this means that the tracks now fenced off on both sides all the way from Stoneypath up to the gate at the highest point on the track opposite Wakefield.  This will keep livestock and walkers (and their dogs) separate
  • Friends of the Pentlands have being doing some work to improve the eroded riverbank near to the footbridge at Baddinsgill – hopefully this will keep the path open for a while longer