Time – allow 45-60 minutes
Distance – 3 km/2 miles

The classic West Linton family walk along the top of the gorge through which Lyne Water runs and through beautiful woodland. The path is clear and good quality and the route is straightforward with some well maintained steps near the start to gain most of the height. A head for heights is needed in a couple of places, as the name suggests, and so the walk is not suitable for unaccompanied children.

Route: Start/Finish – West Linton village 

Route: Start/Finish –

West Linton village Head out of the village up to the A702, passing to the left of the Gordon Arms.
[1] There is a signpost on the south side of the A702 (‘Carlops via the Catwalk and Roman Road’). The way into the Catwalk is directly opposite the signpost, through a gap in a set of railings and down some steps. Enter the part of the Catwalk managed by the Woodland Trust and climb the long run of steps.

Continue on the path through the woodland, steadily gaining height. You will reach a section of the path with a wall to your right and outbuildings with blue-painted window frames just before a kissing gate.
[2] The path here is particularly narrow and the slope dropping away to the Lyne Water below very steep, so take extra care.

Pass through the kissing gate, leaving the Woodland Trust area, and continue. After a short while, the impressive Lynedale House becomes visible ahead and left. The path reaches another kissing gate – pass through this, leaving the Catwalk, then turn immediately to the left and down the slope onto a lane,
[3] this being the route of the old Roman Road that can be followed between Dolphinton and Carlops.

At this half-way point, there are two options to get you back to West Linton:

Option 1– [4a]

turn right and walk up the lane for 400m, then turn hard right (signposted ‘West Linton via the Loan’), and along the track and then down the hill between the houses on the Loan, emerging on the A702 opposite the Gordon Arms.

Option 2– [4b]

turn left down the lane to Lynedale House, cross the bridge and then up to the junction with the West Linton to Baddinsgill road. Turn left, passing the Golf Club and walking down the road back to the A702 200m south of the Gordon Arms.

There is also an option to cut the walk short by 1km or so by taking the path to the right shortly after leaving the Woodland Trust section of the walk that takes you up to the Loan.