Time – 45-60 minutes
Distance – 3.5 km/2.25 miles

An easy family walk around the Carlops area with plenty of opportunity for exploring, tree climbing and paddling. The route is on good paths and is easy to follow, with a section along a quiet public road and one short uphill section. The downhill section coming into Carlops has a steep slope to the side down to the A702 but is not hazardous.

Route: Start/Finish – Carlops village.

Route: Start/Finish –

Park in the car park opposite the Carlops Village centre. At the exit to the car park turn left towards West Linton then immediately left into the field and walk round behind the stone barn – follow the cinder path across the field and over the footbridge

[1] then ahead up the road towards Kitleyknowe. At the top of the lane, just where the road turns 90 degrees right uphill, turn left  [2] between the stone obelisks (signposted ‘Amazondean’) and cross over Kitleyknowe Brig (as at February 2018, the Bridge is deemed unsafe and has been closed – it is possible to find an alternative route over the adjacent field). Follow the footpath along the line of trees up towards the woods ahead.

After 400m you’ll reach a signpost to Carlops and Amazondean. [3] You have the option here of following the Carlops sign to the left over a stile, which will cut the walk short. To take this option, turn right once over the stile and follow the edge of fields keeping the fence to your right, crossing two fences (which might look electrified but aren’t) and a second stile, and then the edge of the North Esk gully (‘Scroggy Brae’) and reaching the farm at Rogersrig, to descend to the A702 in Carlops. However, the last section by the farm can be very muddy and occupied by livestock.

To continue on the main route, follow the Amazondean sign down to the right through a metal gate and then ahead downhill through the trees to an old bridge, now superbly restored after a long period of closure, over the North Esk river [4]. Cross it and follow the path up the other side of the gully (the west end of Habbie’s Howe). The path doubles back on itself as it climbs up towards and past Amazondean and then comes out on the A702 opposite the turning to Ninemileburn.

Cross the A702 [5] and head up the Ninemileburn lane (don’t walk down the A702), turning left after 50m [6] at the right-hand bend, heading towards Patieshill Farm (signposted ‘bed and breakfast’). Follow this lane for 400m and where it bears right up towards the farmhouse, go straight ahead onto a footpath (signposted ‘Carlops’) that heads down through woods and comes out 100m short of Carlops on the A702. Continue along the pavement back into Carlops