About us

Most of the paths used on these routes are looked after by North Tweeddale Paths (NTP), a local voluntary organization that is dedicated to promoting the use of paths in the area. The Group carries out regular maintenance on existing paths and has also played a major role in creating new routes in the locality.

NTP was established in 2001 with the following objectives:

  • to advance, promote, encourage, co-ordinate and facilitate the creation and management of a local paths network in North Tweeddale for the use of the general public with the objectives of furthering their health through recreational pursuits such as walking, cycling and horse riding
  • the keep open existing paths and to liaise with land owners in the development and maintenance of new and existing paths
  • to develop a safe, sustainable local paths network in and around West Linton and the surrounding villages
  • in doing so, ensure that the local environment is protected and enhanced as part of any development.

The area NTP covers includes Carlops, West Linton, Lamancha, Newlands and Kirkurd, Romanno Bridge, Blyth Bridge, parts of Garvald and Dolphinton and all places in between. In short, NTP is the caretaker of paths and rights of way in our area. If you see any way-markers guiding you on your way, any drainage dug, trees, bushes or nettles cut back to unblock paths, chances are that NTP members will have done it. NTP also played a major part in the creation of the local area display board and route map in the car park at Carlops and in the map display on West Linton’s Lower Green near the play park.We have undertaken a number of larger projects in recent years, such as the creation of a new path at Dolphinton (‘the Rough Burn Track’) along with some major drainage works to make the path usable, and the major riverbank reinforcement works undertaken to keep the section of John’s Path along Tarth Water near Blyth Bridge from falling into the water.

NTP is run by a group of active members who like to get out and do a bit of work. We meet three or four times a year to plan that work and discuss other key activities, but the bulk of what we do is to get out onto paths and do what we can to make sure they are in good order and available for use by walkers, cyclists and riders.

If you are interested in the work of the Group or would like to get involved, please get in touch with us by e-mailing NTP’s Chair, Michael Pryor (mipryor@sky.com) you’d like to help NTP in its work, either by joining the committee or coming along with us to do some paths maintenance work, please get in touch with a member of the team:

Michael Pryor (Chair) – mipryor@sky.com
Peter Raine (Treasurer) – rainewest@btinternet.com
Colin Paterson (Secretary) – colin.paterson48@gmail.com