Walks in the area


In these pages, we have assembled a variety of walks that can be done from West Linton or the surrounding villages. We have created a downloadable sheet with directions for each of these walks and have arranged them in groupings according to difficulty:

Easy Walks – these are walks that could be done by the vast majority of able-bodied people and should take no more than an hour or so. These tend to follow good paths with no particularly difficult or challenging sections.

Moderate Walks – these are a little more challenging and will take a bit longer than the easy ones – up to three hours. These mostly follow good paths but there may be tricky sections where even the fitter among us will be tested.


Strenous Walks – these are more serious expeditions that could take up a good half-day, if not all day, and are really for the more experienced and well-equipped walker. Many of them contain very strenuous sections across terrain with no obvious path.

Wherever possible, the routes use established rights of way. However, there are some where you’ll be crossing land where there is no specific right of way but where you should be able to exercise your rights of access without difficulty. We recommend that you have a read of the Scottish outdoor access code before setting off – if you follow this while walking any of these routes, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Please make sure that you go out walking properly prepared, including appropriate footwear and clothing. For the longer routes, maps and compass are highly recommended – the majority of these routes are covered by OS Explorer sheet 344 and also 336. The weather in the area can be unpredictable and it can be pretty wild up on the hills, ridges and moors.

We hope to add further walks to our collection. If you have a favourite walk that isn’t here, please let us know and we’ll aim to create a route and map for it.


While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the text on this website, we cannot guarantee it.  Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate and fair, we cannot be held responsible any consequential loss or injury incurred by anyone seeking to follow the routes described. The information given on this site has been provided in good faith, it is intended only as a general guide. We advise you to verify the accuracy of information before relying on it. It is the responsibility of individuals to approach outdoor activities such as walking with caution. Walking can be strenuous and individuals should ensure that they are fit enough before embarking upon it. If in doubt consult a doctor.

We try to keep the routes updated whenever we can. However, there will often be circumstances where the route on the ground has changed, for example where a farmer has erected new fencing or where a path becomes blocked or has been diverted. We’d be very grateful if you could let us know of any problems you encounter if following any of these routes by e-mailing Michael Pryor (details above).